Thursday, February 17, 2005

WoW Links

Sites and Links
Have not had a chance to visit them all but some of these may be helpful...........

Official Blizzard Site: This is the official website for Blizzard, the people who made World of Warcraft. This is the site you will want to goto for updates on their other game titles.

Official World of Warcraft Beta Site: For now, this is the place to go for the Official World of Warcraft forums. Come retail this may change and the beta forums may be wiped. I strongly urge everyone to check out the official class forums while they are still available.

Thottbot: This is one of the better Information Databases available for World of Warcraft. This site has a lot of information on different skills and quests. It also has a talent calculator that is a very useful tool to use so you don't make to many mistakes... costly mistakes.

WoW Allakhazam: This is another excellent information database for World of Warcraft. This page also has a lot of information for skills, quests, maps and such. Will be useful if you get stuck on a quest or need skill information.

WoW Vault: Yet another database for WoW. This website is better for News updates though and are also home to the infamous IGN forums. They also have a very easy to use Talent Calculator.

WoW VN Boards: These are the infamous Vault Network IGN boards. You can get to them from the above link, but here is a link directly to the World of Warcraft section. They are still useful if you can get by the flames and spam.

WoW Stratics: One of the more popular networks, stratics rivals Vault for information. Both have similar information and really up to personal taste to play one.

World of War Network: Another news site. It also has more useful information, but not as great as the others. It may get information that the others don't from time to time, but I'd check the others first.

WoW.Catacombs: You wont believe it, but it is another news site! Catacombs has a tendency to be great early in a games life but they slowly lose interest in supporting them.

WoW Warcry: Yet another news site. Not as good as the rest, but still useful. Their forums tend to be more civil and you get better responses. But it takes a bit longer for a response.

Planet Warcraft: This is one of the more popular news sites for other games. I find it lacking for WoW, but others may enjoy it.

WoW Strategy: News and Information site. I've never used it because it offers identical information to the others, but what ever. Someone may find it useful

WoW OGamming: Never heard of them, but their website is nice. More general information and such.

WoW - Warlocks Den: A site devoted to Warlocks. It doesn't compare to info from the other places but it is somewhat useful to have a devoted following to a certain class.

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