Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Popcorn Sheep

Okay, so Moidebe and I found a great way to have fun last night...

Step 1: go up tot he eastern plaguelands, and journey over to Tyr's Hand.
Step 2: Find a nice 53-60 elite mob, let Moidebe sheep him/her, and then hit them with Curse of Doom. Curse of doom will hit for 3200+ damage after 60 seconds
Step 3: after 35 seconds or so, re-sheep
Step 4: about 8 seconds before they get hit from Curse of Doom, send in Zhar'phog, and crank up the Soul Fire spell which generally hits for 800-1100 fire damage. At the same time, Moidebe cranks up fireball.
Step 5: Sheep un-sheeps, gets hit by spells, I soul link the mob, and Moidebe finishes them off after about 2 seconds.
Step 6: Loot (ka-ching!)
Step 7: Find another mob, repeat steps 1-6. Try not to laugh your ass off while you do it.

This is truly sadistic fun! Posted by Picasa


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