Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yay! 50 Mounts!

Hit the 50 mount mark tonight. As an achievement award/reward, you get your 51st mount via mail after hitting the 50 mount achievement mark!

Albino Drake!

50 mounts is easier than it sounds for a level 80. Basically, getting faction with each of the capital cities, plus the netherdrake faction gets you access to about 6-7 mounts per faction. Next, add in all of the alliance (or Horde if you prefer) flying mounts. Supplement here and there with a battlegrounds mount, a few Northrend mounts, and a zhevra for referring a friend, and that about does it.

I was able to get faction with each capital city at the rate of about 1 city per night. I basically just ran every quest for that faction from level 1 to 20, and that does most of it.

The netherwing faction was a bit more challenging, but there's tons of guides out there, and doing those at level 80 is a breeze.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow Great job that's hard to do my only good mounts are the twilight drake and the bronze drake. My realm does not have many players so getting a group that wants to actually do the dungeons for the mounts is next to impossible *tear*

Enjoy your new mount :D Hey has any one realized that when you land your drake mount (or other big one) that it no longer shakes & thumps the ground when you walk? (using keyboard arrows) I miss that got a kick out of it.

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