Saturday, August 20, 2005

Well, it's hard to see exactly what is going on here, but we dragged a mob that couldn't be killed by conventional means all the way to Darkshire from the Blasted Lands. We had the entire town fighting him before it was over. Posted by Picasa

President of the NRA Posted by Picasa

At Uther Lightbringer's tomb... Posted by Picasa

Zarnia fell down the chimney. If I remeber correctly, we had to summon her out of there. Posted by Picasa

Nice elite mount! Posted by Picasa

I wonder if this thing stops at grand central? Posted by Picasa

The three stooges in Azshara Posted by Picasa

SHARK! Posted by Picasa

I'm dead on my feet! Posted by Picasa

Being short has a few perks! Posted by Picasa

This is what happens when you die while jumping off a rock to flee the enemy! Posted by Picasa

Scary! (and hot) Posted by Picasa

Ah, the gang is together! Posted by Picasa

Hey guys, I didn't realize that THAT was against the law! Posted by Picasa

Nightaxe has a somber moment... Posted by Picasa

Ah, the carnival is in town! Posted by Picasa

Bear on a boat. Druids are funny. Posted by Picasa

What kind of pet is this. The character that is in control of this pet is a rogue! Posted by Picasa

Ariketh's Cat tries out some rock climbing. Posted by Picasa

Wikipedia for World of Warcraft... - pretty cool!