Monday, January 15, 2007

Waiting for rez sickness to fade...

So, here I am, in the badlands, waiting for rez sickness to fade. You see, I died trying to get partially into, and out of Uldaman, solo, at level 38. I made it to the turn in point for my quest, but getting back out proved a bit difficult.

This little area of the barrens, I've gotten to know pretty well. I've been hunting around here for 3 days or so, trying to find broken tooth. I found him a couple of nights ago, but alas, he was one level too high for me to tame. Bummer, because by the time I figured that out, I was already in combat with him. I was literally 3 kills away from 37, and he was level 37. If I had had my witts about me, I would have feigned death, then got the 3 more kills I needed to level, and then tried again. Oh well, I'll keep looking for him.

I also decided that as I entered the weekend approaching lvl 37, I thought I'd make it my goal to hit 40 by weekend's end. Almost to 39 now.
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